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Makeup Routine Throughout Seasons: A Guide for Season Specific Makeup Looks

Makeup is an art; it is much more than cosmetic application. It is knowing when, where and how to use specific products, to get that immaculate look every single time. It is also the skill of managing your makeup routine according to changing seasons and staying radiant throughout the year.

Here is a brief guide to ensure seamless transition of your makeup routine from sunshine to snow and back again:


The sunny season calls for natural look, with minimum products. Skip foundation, and do not forget to apply sunscreen. Use bronzer, to get a sun-kissed look, couple it would pink or peach eyeshadow and light lip products- preferably lip tint.


Fall is about dimension- use warm eyeshadows, combined with black eyeliner. Darken up your brows, and use bold lipsticks for a balanced look.


As the temperature goes down, switch to heavy foundation, with blush and bronzing to get the warm yet fresh look. Metallic and smoky eyes, with moisturizing dark lip-shades are perfect for this season.


As the snow melts, switch to pastels, for both eyes and lips- as softer colors will brighten up your face. Let your skin feel the spring breeze by using BB or CC cream, and remember, less is more for spring season.

Hope these tips help you in keeping your makeup updated according to seasons. Stay tuned for more tips- keep glowing!

Christina Marie xoxo

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