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Running out of Ideas for Halloween? Say no More!

When it comes to Halloween, you can never be over-prepared, or over-done! You might have gone through hundreds of pictures already but deciding and executing a look turns out to be a tough call, always. I have gathered some DIY makeup inspirations for you, that would go with all your plans, and would add to the festive (and eerie) spirit of the occasion:

· Sugar Skull

If you desire to go all-out, along with a feminine touch, this is the look for you.

It can be achieved by filling in eye sockets with a mixture of black and purple paint and covering whole face with white chrome cake. Blush for cheeks and lips, black paint for nose and teeth, some embellishments here and there, while finishing with flowers on your head- the look is sweet and spooky at the same time.

· Mermaid

The recent Instagram sensation, mermaid look, uses fishnet tights as a guide, along with a sponge to dab some gold and metallic pigment on your eyes and forehead. Put some blue and gold glitter on your eyelids, repeat the same with your lips- and you are all set to dive in.

· Zombie Schoolgirl

For those who prefer gory side of Halloween, zombie schoolgirl look does the trick. Smoky eyes, with blood red lips and some fake blood to add to the spooky element- that is all needed to get other screaming for their life.

Halloween is the time of the year to get your creative juices flowing and use all your makeup skills to come up with the most exclusive and imaginative look. Hope these ideas help you in creating one that would be remembered for the years to come. Happy Halloween.

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